Rose Udoumana
Rose Udoumana

Rose, you have been of great and excellent service to me and my family especially in reference with your optimal real estate skills in buying our homes. I will do it over again and recommend your efficient services to impending buyers. You have remained an asset in the business and l applaud your impeccable work ethics.

                                                                             L. Okeke, Austell GA.

After listing my home with a real estate firm for over 4months with no results, I and my husband decided to turn the listing over to Metro Brokers and Rose Udoumana acting as the listing agent. Rose was fantastic. I was amazed at the wealth of her knowledge of the business. She saved us a lot of money because we wanted to replace the carpet but Rose assured us that the house was in "selling order". Needless to say, she got a contract on the house within a couple of weeks from the time she took it over.  I was so excited about the tremendous job that she did for us that I immediately called up one of my neighbors from Drew Circle and recommended Rose if they were ready to sell their house. I would highly recommend Rose as an agent to anyone.

                                                                             B. Udofia, Georgia.

It was indeed a pleasure to have Ms. Rose Udoumana represent us during the search for our first home. She knew exactly what we were looking for and she never gave up the search. We finally found and agreed upon the perfect house for our family . We recommend her services to any and everyone. She is very professional, hard working, and is a person who enjoys her job. My family was happy having her as our agent.

                                                                             Andrea Waring, Carrollton, GA.