Rose Udoumana
Rose Udoumana

1.  About Good Neighbor Next Door:

Law enforcement officers, pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and firefighters/emergency medical technicians can contribute to community revitalization while becoming homeowners through HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door Sales Program. HUD offers a substantial incentive in the form of a discount of 50% from the list price of the home in some areas. In return you must commit to live in the property for three years as your sole residence.

The Teacher Next Door Program offers assistance to teachers and education administrators.
To qualify, you must:

Be a state-certified classroom teacher or administrator in grades K-12
Be employed full-time by a public or private school, or
Be employed full-time by a federal, state, county or municipal education agency
Certify that you are employed by the same district or jurisdiction in which the home you are purchasing is located Be in good standing with your employer
Not own another home at the time of closing on your Teacher Next Door home
Agree to live in your new home as your only residence for 3 years after moving in

A HUD approved home must fall within certain requirements. In order to qualify for the Teacher Next Door Program, a home must:

Be a single-family house, townhouse or condominium
Be located within a revitalization area
Be a HUD acquired home.

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2.  Atlanta Neighborhood Stabilization Program:

The Environs initial allocation from the City of Atlanta Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds is to be used to rehab five homes in parts of the Edgewood, Reynoldstown and Kirkwood neighborhoods.

To find out if you qualify for NSP properties, just ask yourself these two questions:

1. Do I currently own a home or investment property?
2. Does my income fall at or below these annual income guidelines?

Family Size           Annual Income 
Single, 1 person      $60,300
Family of 2              $68,950
Family of 3              $77,550
Family of 4              $86,150
Family of 5              $93,050

If you do not currently own real estate and if your income falls within the guidelines above, then you may qualify for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

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3.  Clayton County Neighborhood Stabilization Program:  

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program Purchase and rehabilitate many foreclosed properties in Clayton County. This homes are resold below market value. Protectors, Educators, Medical Personnel, Veterans, first time homebuyers, return homeowners etc can take advantage of this program.                  

Interested buyers/Purchasers must have:

Stable income  
Limited Debt
Decent Credit
Income Eligible by Family Size
At least $500 towards purchase 
Complete the 8 Hours Home Buyer Counseling from HUD Approved Housing Counselors
Contact one of the preferred and Certified NSP lenders on the list
to qualify for a standard home loan and complete the loan process.
Choose a house from Selected NSP Homes
Contract to buy a house
Complete the 4 Hours Home Owner Training           

                                  NSP Maximum Income Limits – Clayton County

                  1 Person   2 Persons  3 Persons   4 Persons   5 Persons  6 Persons   7 Persons    8 Persons

50% AMI     $25,150   $28,750   $32,350     $35,900     $38,800    $41,650      $44,550      $47,400

80% AMI     $40,250   $46,000   $51,750     $57,450     $62,050    $66,650     $71,250       $75,850

120 % AMI  $60,360   $69,000   $77,640     $86,160     $93,120    $99,960     $106,920     $113,760

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4.   Cobb County Neighborhood Stabilization Program:

Cobb County has up to $30,000 Grant galore for each qualified buyer/purchaser. With reference to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the contributions can be used for down payment assistance, closing costs, a deferred second mortgage, as well as education on homeownership.  In order to be eligible, buyers must:

A. Be a U.S. citizen, qualified alien or a non-immigrant.
B. Be able to qualify for a mortgage.
C. Attend an 8-hour HUD class.
D. Home must be your primary residence.
E. Meet income qualifications as shown below:
     Family Size          Maximum Income
          1                         $59,800
          2                         $68,350
          3                         $76,900
          4                        $85,450
          5                       $92,300

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5.  Dekalb County First time Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance Program: 

All eligible applicants will receive $5,000 towards their down payment, counseling sessions, or other prepaid expenses. Those who successfully improve their FICO credit scores to 620 or higher within a limited time period, may receive up to $3,000 additional monies, total down payment up to $8,000.

 Who is eligible?
 First-time homebuyers that have not owned a home during the last three years are eligible. Displaced homemakers and single parents may also qualify.

Successful applicants must meet maximum income guidelines, be credit-worthy, participate in home ownership pre-purchase counseling, and plan to purchase a single-family home anywhere in DeKalb County, outside the city limits of Atlanta. Homes must be up to all DeKalb County codes at the time of purchase.

The maximum annual income limits:

Household of 1 -- $40,150
Household of 2 -- $45,900
Household of 3 -- $51,600
Household of 4 -- $57,350
Household of 5 -- $61,950
Household of 6 -- $66,550
Household of 7 -- $71,100
Household of 8 -- $75,700

The maximum purchase price of the home cannot exceed $160,000.
Buyers must contribute 1% of the total purchase price.
Qualified buyers may be eligible for additional funds through the Georgia Dream Homeownership program, under the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA).
Applicants must first attend a workshop with one of the HUD approved counseling agency. For more information visit

6.  DeKalb County NSP Second Mortgage Program:

This program has three targeted audiences:
A.  DeKalb County Police Officers (including city of Atlanta)
B.  DeKalb County First Responders
C.  The general public. 

The program provides up to $25,000 in a forgivable “zero percent” second mortgage, depending on where the home is located and which option is selected. This second mortgage is separate from and does not add to the primary mortgage. In fact, if the homebuyer remains in the home for a specified period of time, repayment of the second mortgage will not be required. However, if the buyer moves, refinances or sells the house before the Affordability Period has ended, a pro-rated portion of the assistance must be repaid. Homebuyers are also required to contribute a minimum of one percent towards the purchase transaction.

Where and What Can I Buy?

DeKalb County has been divided into four “Tiers” based on priority.  Homes purchased must be located within these Tiers. If a buyer purchases a foreclosed home in one of these zip codes, up to $4,000 in additional assistance will be provided for allowable closing costs.

7.   Douglas County grants:

This program will help individuals and families realize the dream of homeownership. In conjunction with purchasing NSP homes, buyers may receive down payment assistance and closing costs in the form of a deferred second mortgage.
To meet the income qualifications your total household income based on family size must be less than the incomes listed below:
                    Family Size                  Maximum Income
                        1                            $60,250
                        2                            $68,850
                        3                            $77,450
                        4                            $86,050
                        5                            $92,900
                        6                            $99,800
                        7                            $106,700
To be eligible, the buyers must:
1.  Be a U.S. citizen, qualified alien or a non-immigrant.
2.  Meet income qualifications. 
3.  Qualify for a mortgage for the purchase of the home and provide the required documentation necessary to meet the NSP     program requirements and obtain mortgage loan approval from an approved lender.
4.  Obtain a certificate of completion of an 8 hour homebuyer education course from HUD approved housing counseling agency.
5.  Secure an executed real estate contract on the property to be purchased.
6.  Purchase an NSP home as your primary residence.
Benefits to Buyers include:
1. “Move-in” ready homes.
2.  Attractive pricing – no profit to the seller can be included in the sale price.
3.  a zero percent second
    mortgage loan for down payment assistance and closing costs for the purchase of the home. Approved on a case-by-case     basis only. NOTE: the NSP second mortgage loan is due in full upon sale, refinancing, or when home is no longer owner     occupied.
4.  Not just for first-time homebuyers.


 8.   Georgia Teacher Grant in the amount of $7,500

To qualify for this Grant:

A. You must be a first time homebuyer or not have owned a home in the past three years, or purchase a home in a targeted area to qualify for first mortgage financing.
B. If you purchase a home in Barrow, Bartow, Butts, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dawson, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Haralson, Heard, Henry, Jasper, Lamar, Meriwether, Newton, Paulding, Pickens, Pike, Rockdale, Spalding or Walton Counties, your total household income based on the number of persons living in the home can be no more than:
One to Two persons    $68,000
Three or more persons $78,000

You may qualify to purchase a home with a sales price of up to $250,000
C.  If you purchase a home in any county in Georgia not listed in (B) above: Your total household income based on the number of persons living in the home can be no more than:
One to Two persons    $58,000
Three or more persons $67,000
You may qualify to purchase a home with a sales price of up to $200,000.
Eligible first time homebuyers may qualify for a Georgia Dream Second Mortgage loan for the down payment and closing costs associated with the purchase of their home. The Georgia Dream Second Mortgage financing must be used in conjunction with a Georgia Dream First Mortgage Loan.
• No interest
• No monthly payments
• No payment due until home is sold, refinanced or no longer used as the borrower’s principal residence.

Eligible borrowers will:
A. Have a total annual household income that does not exceed the limits on the chart that can be emailed to you. 
B. Contribute a minimum of $500 of their own funds towards the purchase transaction, and
C. Complete Home Buyer Education with a DCA Home Buyer Education partner listed in this brochure or any HUD approved housing counseling agency.


9.  Gwinnett County Neighborhood Stabilization Program:

Homes that are qualified for the Gwinnett County Neighborhood Stabilization Program are priced from $70,000 to under $200,000 and are located throughout Gwinnett County. These previously-foreclosed home have been renovated and are move-in ready.
Purchasers in this program will receive up to $22,500. These amount will be a second mortgage with zero payments and zero interest. After the fifth year, this second mortgage is reduced by $2,250 a year until the balance and the amount due is zero after 15 years.
To qualify as a homebuyer:

you must not currently own residential property, rental, or vacation home.
Qualify for a 30-year, fixed-rate FHA first mortgage
Complete an eight-hour HUD-approved homebuyers course
Invest one percent of the purchase price towards buying the home, and
home must be your principal residence
Purchaser must meet the income limits below:
                  Household Size                        Maximum Household Income From
                                                                  All Persons In the Household*

Other Grant programs includes but not limited to CDBG Funding, ESG Funding, HOME Funding, Rehabilitation
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10.  Other Grant Monies:

Standard Grant - $5,000 for all eligible homebuyers.

Protector’s Grant – $7,500. Eligible homebuyers who are employed by entities that provide public protection. Examples would be police officers, firefighters, nurses, military (to include national guard or reserves) probation and correctional officers, TSA, etc.

Choice Grant – up to $10,000. Eligible homebuyers whose household includes an individual living with a disability. 

Honors Grant - $10,000. Eligible homebuyers who are the survinging spouse of a military serviceman or servicewoman or a public protector. 

Welcome Home Grant - $10,000. Eligible members of the Georgia National Guard or Georgia Air National Guard who purchase a home in the state of Georgia.

Signature Community Grant - $7,500.  Eligible employees of local governments. 

Email Rose, the Grant Pro at or call 678-697-7273 for other Counties not mentioned here, for grant availability.